What is Virtual Staging?

People confuse virtual staging and home staging a lot. Home staging (both virtual and real-time) is about putting the property in the right light. It entails stylish furnishing and perfectly positioning the property for sale.

In the world of real estate, "virtual staging" is a special computer-aided design (CAD) technique in which virtually designed furniture is added to a picture of an empty room or area in a way that is like "home staging."

Easiest way to make real estate stand out

Virtual staging can improve listing property photos, which may make it more likely that buyers will notice your house. It turns a place into a home that would be nice to live in and that potential buyers could see themselves living in.

In the past few years, this relatively new technology has become much more common. It involves arranging empty spaces digitally. After the pandemic, when many people preferred to look at listings from the safety and comfort of their own homes, virtual staging has become very popular because it is easy for both the seller and the people who might buy the house.

Virtual home staging is the modern variant of real estate visualization. Instead of furnishing rooms with actual furniture and accessories, the setup is done on the computer. This gives you a lot of options for the presentation, and you can even do a 360-degree tour of the property without any trouble.


The Power Of Virtual Staging V.s Traditional Staging

Although home staging, whether digital or not, is about making a property look attractive, there are differences between the two approaches. With virtual home staging, a virtual stager refurbishes the software rooms of a property. With normal home staging‌, the real estate agent is on-site and commissions companies to carry out the renovation.

Virtual staging is mostly used in new construction projects

Because most infrastructure is yet to be built, it is simply rendered in prospect. If, for example, the owner of a new house would like to see what the selected tiles in the kitchen or bathroom look like, the room planner can implement and illustrate this look with virtual home staging.

All of the doors and windows, as well as the color of the walls and the floor covering, can be digitally changed and seen. Thus, the buyer has a direct orientation of what the object can look like later. In addition, the home stager gives you a feeling of "home" in advance.


Significantly cheaper

The biggest advantage is probably that digital home staging is significantly cheaper. There are no renovation costs, and no furniture or decorative objects have to be rented or moved from warehouse to site. Relevant costs are also saved from visits, and there are no costs for repairs.

Quickly and easily

In addition, many furnishing styles can be illustrated quickly and easily. This is a bit more cumbersome with classic home staging. Then all the furniture would have to be rearranged. In addition, virtual home staging does not take as long as the classic method. With a few clicks, the virtual room is ready to be visited.


Before giving your home photos to a graphic designer, there are a few things to cross off the list if you've opted to visually arrange your home.


Organize your house.

It's crucial to clean any area of your home that will appear in virtually staged images, whether you're replacing furniture or digitally arranging a space. The more empty and clean a room is, the easier it will be to convert it.


Get rid of all personal belongings.

So that your designer doesn't have to purge your room of clutter. This will save the time and money spent on design and eliminate any security issues with photographing sensitive data or vital documents. You can conceal valuables by removing them entirely from the area being photographed, such as jewelry boxes or safes.


Carry out minor home renovations.

To erase visual proof of wear and tear, take on little house improvements like touching up chipped paint or cleaning hardwood floors. This can help your area look better in photos and keep potential buyers from getting an unpleasant surprise when they come to see your house in person.


Don't forget about the outdoors.

Similar to home staging, improving your property's curb appeal can raise its value, in this case by about 20%. While you prepare your home, clean up the yard to increase the curb appeal as well. After all, you never know how quickly a buyer will want to see the house in person after viewing digitally created photos online.


Take excellent pictures.

Although we advise hiring a specialist to capture the photographs your graphic designer will eventually stage, if you have prior photography training, you might handle this process on your own. But the procedure might be ruined by a poor photo, so quality is important. If you're planning to list your property, you can take advantage of how technology is changing the buying process by utilizing virtual staging.


Low Cost Virtual Staging - Realtor's First Choice

Depending on whether you opt for an impression of virtual reality or whether a simple before and after picture is sufficient, there are different costs from different providers. There are some agencies that offer their services for around 50 CAD per image.

Other agencies charge around $300 CAD for several views per room in standard resolution. As a result, it also depends on the quality with which you want to get the image. Of course, the final amount then increases again.

If you have a lot of rooms in your house, it could end up being a bit more expensive. You should therefore consider this before deciding on virtual home staging. In comparison, we offer you a voucher for classic home staging, for example.


Here are tons of home staging BEFORE and AFTER photos & pictures of real staging and decoration projects. All those projects were designed by award-winnin stager from GR Home.

Condo staging

Budget: $1900

Time: 3 weeks

Detached house staging

Budget: $3,000

Time: 2 weeks

Townhouse staging

Budget: $2,000

Time: 2 weeks


GR Homes is your powerful partner for real estate presentation and marketing. Whether you are a homeowner or a realtor, stand out from the crowd of competitors with professional virtual home staging. At GR Homes, we provide you with convincing sales presentations for your marketing, which include virtual tours of attractively furnished rooms. Benefit from our experience and expertise and enjoy the following exceptional benefits:

Professional design

At GR Homes, experienced interior designers, and certified experts take care of your virtual staging. We boldly deliver consistent and attractive results at all times.

High-definition image quality

Thanks to our professional experience, we use powerful software to create high-quality images with the best resolution. With these detailed and realistic results, you can show your customers the full potential of the room and inspire them.

Low prices

Virtual staging does not just save money on the complex physical room design; it also saves money on other things. With our optimized processes, GR Homes can offer you visualizations for a price that is incredibly low.

Timely delivery

You will usually receive your finished results from GR Homes within 5 working days. Our team also implements very individual ideas for virtual home staging flexibly and quickly.

Convince yourself now of the future of real estate marketing. Request your first virtual home staging from GR Homes today and improve your property's worth.