Bring you convenience of one-stop solution for all your needs

Do you need a one-stop staging company that offers complete home staging services? Try GR Homes!

Do you want to save yourself the stress that comes with preparing your property for sale? Try GR Homes!

A trustworthy staging company gives you all the home staging solutions needed to make your property sell quickly and profitably.

GR Homes is a go-to staging company for homeowners, builders, project developers, and investors.  So do you want model apartments that awaken dreams and a sense of well-being? Contact GR Homes right away!


Best Staging Services for all your needs

  • Increases the visual attractiveness of your property
  • Puts your property in the best condition for buyers
  • Visually refreshed houses and apartments sell faster on average
  • Increases demand
  • A manageable investment that can increase the sales price by up to 10%



As a one-stop solution staging company, GR Homes provides you with a brilliant painting solution for your property. No matter if you want to paint just one room or the entire house, our talented and dedicated painters are ready to take on a wide range of tasks and are eager to help you make your home look better for potential buyers.

Repair & Replace

We fix any significant property issues. We also tackle smaller, more typical issues that a lot of homeowners seem to ignore.

GR Homes will replace what has to be replaced and repair what needs to be repaired.


GR Homes handle the proficient cleaning of your property from ceiling to floor and washing the windows from the inside and outside without you spending more than you can bear. We are a professional Staging company offering cleaning services that give your property a new lease on life and draw the attention of potential purchasers.


Home staging requires a great deal of furniture movement. Both before and after the home staging process, there is a need for some packing to be done.

For all properties staged by GR Homes, you don’t have to bug your pretty head about packing. Ours is one home staging company that handles every packing phase.


Once we are done with the renovations and packing, GR Homes will capture professional home staging photographs of your property. We provide expert home staging photography to make your property more appealing and help you sell it faster and for a higher price.


While carrying out home staging, a lot of furniture needs to be moved around and replaced with brand-new, high-end ones. Movers from GR Homes are handy in every moving phase. They help you pack, clear out, and store any extra stuff. Our movers are experts who make sure that no piece of furniture gets broken while being moved. We have the right tools, knowledge, and people to move all of your things correctly and safely.


GR Homes provide excellent storage systems for homeowners and realtors. There is a home staging storage solution for every relevant furniture piece. we keep them safe and handy and deliver on time when you need them.


What our customers in Toronto talk about us

Frank from Durham
Frank from Durham

Great conception, planning, and execution. After getting thorough and well-founded instructions, Lin and his team came up with a well-thought-out plan and worked on the project on their own until it was accepted. The team well exceeded our expectations during the entire project. They are polite and open to clear communication. I am pleased with their competent delivery. Thanks a lot for your kind collaboration!

Bryan, a resident of the Peel Region
Bryan, a resident of the Peel Region

Impressive and excellent execution and service! GR Home Staging's powerful designs usually aroused my emotions. Tom has staged two of my flats, and we are already talking about the next set of properties. Beautiful outcomes and clear advice. I recommend his services.

Jim, a resident of the Peel Region
Jim, a resident of the Peel Region

I'm thankful that Ada Lin's professionalism, knowledge, and friendliness helped me get over my worries and fears. I would have had the creativity and courage to achieve many things with him. My condo sold for a fantastic sum. I highly recommend Lin's services.

Lucky, from the GTA
Lucky, from the GTA

The team from GR Home is a crucial component of my real estate business. You guys can essentially give properties a new life, and you are skilled at bringing a house's potential to life. GR Home are known for their dependability, honesty, and inventiveness with care, always for the benefit of the project. GR Home Staging should be your first pick if you need a stager company.


Our older, inherited home, built in the 1990s, was expertly planned by the GR Home stager company. We now have a contemporary home fit for a growing family. The guidance, organization, dependability, and quality were excellent. We have therefore set a far higher purchase price than originally expected. We received an excellent response from hundreds of interested buyers on the first day. All thanks to your lovely virtual staging of the property. The responses from interested parties were uniformly positive. We sold the house for a lot more money than was initially proposed. The interested parties have placed higher bids than one another, and the highest bidder got it. Thank you very much. 

Steph from Toronto
Steph from Toronto

We have already used GR Home staging several times, and each time we do, we are pleased with James's work. He genuinely cares about making residences sparkle in all their fresh brilliance.

Clara, a resident of the York region
Clara, a resident of the York region

As a real estate broker in the York region, we've hired GR Home over six times to stage our properties. Bernie's team left us in awe of their professionalism. The planning is flawless. The service is great, from the detailed idea proposal to the reliable execution to the quiet removal of the furniture. We recommend GR Home for many reasons, including the fact that they pay close attention to details and understand that customers sometimes have hard-to-meet needs. Our instructions have been carried out perfectly, practically, and sensitively. We appreciate you, GR Home, and we enthusiastically and unequivocally recommend your services. Regards, and I hope to work with you on many more collaborations!

Austin and Cynthia family
Austin and Cynthia family

With Ada Lin's help, we sped up the sale of our large Toronto single-family home. The collaboration was swift, simple, and result-oriented. Thank you so much to Ada Lin and the GR Home Staging crew.

Nancy, a resident of the Peel Region
Nancy, a resident of the Peel Region

Ada Lin manages our real estate staging projects. His decorations are a wonderful fit for our brand and fully match our briefing. Ada Lin comes with a variety of decorative items from GR Home, so we have the leeway to experiment with various looks. Even short-term plans were adopted on the spur of the moment. I would continue to collaborate with Ada.

Brenda, Toronto
Brenda, Toronto

Lin spends a lot of time learning about your ideas, your preferred approaches, and the things you would ‌like to alter about your facility. The Lin team does a great job of showing different options and sharing their home staging knowledge. The gradual development of an overarching theme has always made me feel in expert hands. Lin helped me through the whole process and helped me choose the right furniture and fabric. To ensure that no detail was missed, the color tone of the living room wall was also taken into consideration multiple times. I highly recommend Lin from GR Home.

John and Tina, residents of Durham
John and Tina, residents of Durham

We have successfully staged many projects with the help of GR Home. Ada Lin adds a gentle touch to the property with his skill and imagination, bringing out the breathtaking views and letting the house itself shine. Ada has a friendly and wonderful attitude besides being a great home stager. She is usually a lot of fun to work with. Ada, thank you.


Why do you need a Staging company?

Few people can imagine how an empty room can be changed. In a room without furniture, it is often difficult to judge the proportions and the coziness correctly. A one-stop solution staging company brings out the best features of a property, creates space, shows a light and color concept, gives each room a purpose, and "depersonalizes" it by getting rid of personal items and replacing them with rental furniture, accessories, and lighting that are suitable for the house.

GR Home is the go-to staging company that helps you uniquely set up your house to attract buyers. When a house is staged, it stands out, gets many more showings, and sells or rents twice as fast.

Is home staging worth it?

One-Stop Solution Staging, as the name implies, covers all aspects of staging. With a Staging company, you get all the creativity, high-quality products, and reliable and fast implementation. It may cost a little more than standard staging, but it is stress-free and pays off to invest in quality here. Find out in advance what the offer includes. The staging should match the target group and the standard of the property.

GR Homes will stage your property to look better and make it feel more like a home. We do this by going from beginning to end and taking out and putting back some furniture, decorations, and curtains. We handle every staging step while you relax and await delivery.

Who is a staging company for?

Staging for private sellers

It doesn't matter whether you sell your property with or without an agent. For you, this time is usually associated with many issues that you normally do not have to deal with. This also means making sure your house or apartment looks its best so that it appeals to as many buyers as possible.

As an expert in emotional real estate marketing, GR Homes offers you the best home staging solution. Let your property shine for the upcoming sale, whether it is still occupied or vacant. Our service maximizes the number of real buyers.

Staging for real estate agents

Especially when interest rates are at an all-time low and real estate is selling like hotcakes, it is more necessary than ever for you as a broker to break new ground and set yourself apart from the competition. Many medium-sized brokers, or "lone fighters," are finding it increasingly difficult to get qualified sole contracts. Only those who offer genuine added value to their customers will thrive in the future market.

With an expert like GR Homes at your side, you not only sell your property faster and at the best possible price, but you also benefit from a real image boost and generate more orders through your sales success.

Staging for developers

When marketing a new building project, a high-quality, furnished model apartment is of great importance. Specially tailored to your target group, it perfectly conveys the character of your building project and immediately creates a feeling of well-being in your potential customers. In this environment, it is much easier for buyers to grasp room dimensions and decide on an apartment.

The model apartment is a real help in making a purchase decision, especially for prospective buyers who want to experience their new home on-site and cannot or do not want to get an idea of it using building plans and illustrations.

GR Homes will help you from the building phase to the marketing phase with a facility that is geared toward your target group and highlights the good things about your building.

How to find a good home staging company

Finding a reliable staging company can be a hard task. We recommend looking at the references and projects that the home stager has done in the past. With our exploits so far, GR Homes Stager is one of the largest home staging companies in Canada. Most of our projects are in the York Region, Durham, Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area, and the Peel Region.

We give the best on all fronts; hence, we are one of Canada's best "One-Stop Solution" stager companies.

We offer the best classic and virtual staging, presenting your property for both photo shoots and also for real-time viewing. Customers should not only see beautiful pictures in advance but also get the same feel-good atmosphere when they later inspect the apartment. This also distinguishes real staging from virtual staging, which is usually done for objects that have not yet been built. The furniture, lights, carpets, and home accessories stay there for the entire marketing period. We also stage model apartments, where a longer rental period is agreed upon since the model apartments stay until your apartments have been sold or rented.

We buy all the furniture ourselves and now have a 15,000-square-foot warehouse, and the company is getting bigger and bigger. At GH Homes, we can currently equip tens of apartments at the same time. When the customer wants their project staged, we don't just order furniture; it would take far too long. We also have a very individual mix of different things that we wouldn't all find so quickly. We are constantly renewing our stock so that we can always present something new.

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