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Realtor's #1 Choice -GR Home Staging & Design

Hi! A warm welcome to GR Home, a leading home staging design company in the GTA. We stand out by giving homeowners and real estate agents the best home staging and real estate staging services.

  • Since its establishment in 2014, GR Home has achieved several accomplishments. formerly staged over 3000 homes.

  • We now have a warehouse that's over 15,000 square feet and is run by two well-known and award-winning designers. It has a wide range of furniture and decorations for everything from condos to luxury mansions.

  • Our two skilled moving crews allow us to plan your staging in as little as 24 hours. 

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Two of Canada's best designers, who have won top honors in the home staging sector, make up our top management team.
We work with the very best in the home staging industry. Enjoy working with an experienced group of designers with over a decade of experience in the industry. Our design team is led by two top-ten RESA award winners.
Our highly enthusiastic and meticulous moving team comprises Tim, James Hua, Gong, and Bernie. Our movers will help you move all of your home staging materials.

Ada Lin
Ada Lin Founder & Head Stager

Ada Lin's knowledge of home staging and design has helped over 2,000 property owners and real estate agents raise the value of their homes. Under Ada's expert leadership, GR Home becomes one of the GTA's fastest-growing home staging companies and a well-known name in the field. Every year, Ada guides the teams to victory in the category of home staging awards.

Anson Leung
Anson Leung Principal Designer

The principal designer, Anson Leung, received his education in interior design at Ryerson University. He consistently monitors the most popular fashions to fit the market. In the eight years that he has been in the house staging business, his careful planning has helped homes look different in ways that the owners never expected. This has made many guests happy.

James Yin
James Yin Project Manager

Project Manager James Yin is in charge of our one-stop solution package and any add-on services. He has been a professional remodeler for over 20 years, so he can help you with any problems you have with your home. He will offer worry-free services to our customers.

Christa The office manager

The office manager, Christa, has three years of managerial experience. She oversees daily office operations and procedures, makes sure everything runs well, and supports the staging operation. Verify every customer order and collect payments. She remains kind to customers and offers general assistance to them.


Home staging

We prepare your property for sale in the real estate marketplace. Our team offers you the best home staging service, leaving no stone unturned. Our solutions for home staging raise the value of your home and make it more appealing to people who might want to buy it.

Packing and Cleaning

We have skilled moving teams that are ready to help you pack and get ready for the day of the staging.

We offer swift and stress-free packing and cleaning, after which our staging team will step in and serve you better. Everything is professionally done to ensure that you have the best property in the GTA.

We know how hard it is to sell a house that is still lived in, so we take care of everything, from getting the house ready for staging to ensuring that it is staged well.



Our office and warehouse are over 15,000 square feet.


We have two vehicles and a dedicated moving crew.


We provide prompt, accurate phone quotes.


Open Monday through Saturday.


Affordable staging

By choosing us, you may save 30% on services of the same quality while receiving the highest return on investment. We sell your home for the greatest price for a home of its kind in the same neighborhood.

We know what you need

We are the best home staging company because we have handled thousands of staging projects and gathered over ten years of active experience. and knowledge of the GTA real estate industry. Clearly understand consumer trends and preferences. To decide on the design style and practical layout, we will study the bio-data of potential buyers and also the neighborhood where the property is located (such as age group, family type, and basic needs). We will determine the best strategy based on the seller's actual circumstances (such as whether to live there, the specific requirements of young children and the elderly, whether to maintain the furnishings, etc.)!


Make the greatest design plan possible, the award-winning design team. Highlight your home's positive attributes while hiding any negative ones.

Help to sell your home "quicker and for more money." A warehouse measuring over 15,000 square feet is filled with lots of current merchandise. 10 years of experience; understand the real demands of selling a house.


Reliable expert service; no need to be concerned about loss or damage. All we need is the key, and we'll take care of the rest, including painting, cleaning, moving, staging, and other tasks.

There is no need for you to wait for appointments with several agents or contractors. You are not required to oversee on-site during the procedure either. We will attempt to sell your property "quickly and at a better price," just like you. As a result, you will save time and be stress-free.



Staging for Private Sellers

  • Whether you sell your home with or without an agent is irrelevant. You often do not have to deal with many of the concerns that are involved with this period for you. This also entails giving your home or apartment the best possible display to appeal to as many purchasers as you can.
  • GR Homes would be pleased to lend a hand and help you in word and action in all aspects of a great real estate presentation as an expert in emotional real estate marketing.
  • No matter if it is currently inhabited or unoccupied, make your home sparkle for the impending sale to attract as many serious purchasers as possible without having to deal with "bargain hunters."

Staging for Real Estate Agents

  • It is more important than ever for you as a broker to break new ground and differentiate yourself from the competition, particularly now when interest rates are at an all-time low and real estate is selling like hotcakes.
  • Future success on the market is becoming more and more challenging for many medium-sized brokers or solo practitioners.

Staging for developers

  • A luxuriously equipped model apartment is crucial for developers to stage when selling a new construction project. It flawlessly reflects the spirit of your construction project and instantly instills a sense of well-being in your potential clients because it has been specially designed for your target audience. Customers find it much simpler to understand room measurements and choose an apartment in this setting.
  • The model apartment is an enormous asset when choosing a product, particularly for potential purchasers who want to physically experience their future home and cannot or do not choose to do so through building plans and graphics.
  • With a facility that is geared toward your target market and emphasizes the benefits of your new structure, GR Home walks you through the entire construction process and marketing of leftovers. After all, the goal is to sell your house, not to go shopping for furnishings.

Occupied Staging

  • Although the methods of house staging may appear straightforward, it is sometimes quite challenging for an owner who has lived in their home for a long time to be objective enough to look at a flaw in their home and implement the home staging advice they have read.
  • To help owners reassess their property, a professional will provide his or her expertise and outside viewpoint.
  • We must also keep in mind that house staging takes time to implement, and skilled home stagers will accomplish the intended result much more quickly than a homeowner using these methods for the first time.

Vacancy Staging

  • Our design will be tailored to the buyer's target demographic—the seller's intended audience. We'll make an impression on you with our designer furniture choices.

Virtual Staging

  • Add virtual furnishings to vacant houses to give them charm. With the help of a skilled photo editor and professional abilities, we add modern furniture to your photographs to create engaging and alluring locations that will boost your sales rates and hasten the rental process.

One-Stop Solution


Do you require a full home staging service from a one-stop stager business? Try GR Home.

Can you spare yourself the hassle of staging your home for sale? Try GR Home.

Your house will sell fast and economically if you work with a reliable stager firm, which provides all the home staging options you want.

Homeowners, realtors, builders, project developers, and investors all benefit greatly from the services of GR Home.

Visit a one-stop Solution stager firm to relieve your stress about handling the problems associated with house staging.

Do you thus desire a house that inspires dreams and a sense of well-being? Make a call to GR Home now!


We are passionate about creating beatiful living spaces

  • We are aware of where and how to spend the least money to achieve the best outcomes.
  • Conserve time and resources. All the services you require before selling your house will be covered by our one-stop solution service. Spend less time planning the schedules for several parties and prevent misunderstandings.
  • Sincere. You are fully prepared for the move, from packing to knowing exactly who to call in case something gets missing.


Replace and repair

Put your property in the most excellent shape it can be in as a sign of respect for the home and prospective buyers. Any substantial property problems are fixed. We also deal with minor, more common problems that many homeowners overlook. GR Home often replaces what needs replacing and repairs what needs fixing. Get the best outcome for the least amount of money spent.


Amazingly underrated is the impact recent paint can have on your home setting. GR Home offers you a fantastic painting solution for your house as a one-stop solution stager business. Our skilled, dedicated painters are ready to take on several projects, from painting a single wall to an entire house, and are glad to help you make your property more visually acceptable to potential purchasers.


You will need to transfer your home staging furniture once the repair, replacement, and cleaning have been completed successfully. There can be a need to pack both before and after the house staging procedure. You don't need to bother your lovely head about packing for any of the houses that GR Home has staged. One house staging business, ours, takes care of the entire packing process.


A lot of furniture needs to be moved about and replaced with brand-new, upscale items while house staging is being done.

Every stage of relocating is made easier by the GR Home's movers. They assist you with cleaning up, packing, and storing any additional items.

Our professionals make sure that every piece of furniture is moved safely and without being damaged. To transfer all of your belongings correctly and safely, we have the equipment, expertise, and personnel. If you engage with a reliable moving company from start to end, home staging is less stressful.


GR Home offers great storage solutions for households and real estate agents. For every essential item of furniture, there is a storage option for home staging. When you need them, we deliver them on time while keeping them secure and accessible.


After all the replacements, repairs, and refurbishment, a thorough cleaning is required. One of the key elements that will affect the outcome of the sale is cleaning. It is also one of the best investments for maximizing the outcome. Your house is expertly cleaned from floor to ceiling by GR Home. We provide cleaning services as part of our expert staging packages to breathe fresh life into your home and attract buyers.

Home Staging

We will now add or change the furnishings and decorations. By downplaying a home's shortcomings and emphasizing its greatest qualities, we do whatever is required to stage it for a rapid sale at the biggest profit. GR Homes will present your home in the most enticing manner possible to generate more interest, stronger offers, and faster sales.


GR Home will take expert home staging photos of your house once we are through with the renovations and packing.

We offer professional home staging photographs to enhance the appeal of your house and aid in its quick and profitable sale.


1. What do you need to do before the staging?

Pack away all of your possessions, take down any wall art, and wipe down any countertops before we arrive.
In addition, have the property cleaned by experts. But if you like, you can also request our complete package of services and we'll assist you with everything.

2. What is the staging process?

The staging process is as simple as we have outlined below.


You call to schedule an appointment with our inspection team made up of experienced designers.

Property Visitation

The designers visit your property for an on-site inspection to determine what’s best for your unique property.

Plan Preparation

We will draw up a professional plan for your home staging. Our plan is tailored to suit not just your budget, but it is guaranteed to appeal to you and potential buyers.


We understand the importance of carrying our clients along. Hence, we take the time to explain the prepared plan in a language you can understand. If the plan meets your expectation (it often does), we will proceed to the next stage. If for any reason it doesn't, we will revise accordingly.

Set-up Staging Date

We will agree on a date to begin your home staging. The date is promised to be convenient for you.


The home staging proper begins and is concluded without delay.

After, Your Property is Sold

As per the records, GR Homes the best home staging that faster sale of your property in GTA. 

3. How can I request a consultation?

Just simply call us or email to schedule our top designer for the consultation on-site.

4. How much for the consultation

Consultation is free with no hidden charges.

5. What are your hours of operation?

Our office hour is from 9:30 am to 6 pm which is open to the public. You also can contact our direct line

6. How can I get the quote for staging?

Fill up our quotation form with the detail of your property and our team will send you the price with the detail. or call us to get the quote. 

7. How long can I keep the staging?

It usually keeps for a month, and if it doesn't get sold within a month, then we will provide 15 days free extension.

8. What if the property is sold in less than 1 month?

We may pick up all the stuff when the property is sold.

9. Staging term renewal

All staging renewal charge is listed on the particular contract. You may pay it by phone or email.