1. What do you need to do before the staging?

Pack away all of your possessions, take down any wall art, and wipe down any countertops before we arrive.
In addition, have the property cleaned by experts. But if you like, you can also request our complete package of services and we'll assist you with everything.

2. What is the staging process?

The staging process is as simple as we have outlined below.


You call to schedule an appointment with our inspection team made up of experienced designers.

Property Visitation

The designers visit your property for an on-site inspection to determine what’s best for your unique property.

Plan Preparation

We will draw up a professional plan for your home staging. Our plan is tailored to suit not just your budget, but it is guaranteed to appeal to you and potential buyers.


We understand the importance of carrying our clients along. Hence, we take the time to explain the prepared plan in a language you can understand. If the plan meets your expectation (it often does), we will proceed to the next stage. If for any reason it doesn't, we will revise accordingly.

Set-up Staging Date

We will agree on a date to begin your home staging. The date is promised to be convenient for you.


The home staging proper begins and is concluded without delay.

After, Your Property is Sold

As per the records, GR Homes the best home staging that faster sale of your property in GTA. 

3. How can I request a consultation?

Just simply call us or email to schedule our top designer for the consultation on-site.

4. How much for the consultation

Consultation is free with no hidden charges.

5. What are your hours of operation?

Our office hour is from 9:30 am to 6 pm which is open to the public. You also can contact our direct line

6. How can I get the quote for staging?

Fill up our quotation form with the detail of your property and our team will send you the price with the detail. or call us to get the quote. 

7. How long can I keep the staging?

It usually keeps for a month, and if it doesn't get sold within a month, then we will provide 15 days free extension.

8. What if the property is sold in less than 1 month?

We may pick up all the stuff when the property is sold.

9. Staging term renewal

All staging renewal charge is listed on the particular contract. You may pay it by phone or email.