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A warm welcome to GR Home, a leading home staging design compay in the GTA

  • We stand out by giving homeowners and real estate agents the best home staging and real state staging services. To increase the value of every property, we add the WOW effect.
  • Since its establishment in 2014, GR Home has archived several accomplishments. Formerly get staged over 3000 homes.
  • We now have a warehouse that's over 15,000 square feet and is run by two well-known and award-winning designer. It has a wide range of furniture and decorations for everything from condos to luxury mansions. Our two skilled moving crews allow us to plan your staging in as little as 24 hours.



Here are tons of home staging BEFORE and AFTER photos & pictures of real staging and decoration projects. All those projects were designed by award-winnin stager from GR Home.

Condo staging

Budget: $1900

Time: 3 weeks

Detached house staging

Budget: $3,000

Time: 2 weeks

Townhouse staging

Budget: $2,000

Time: 2 weeks


The staging process is as simple as we have outlined below.

1. Consulting

You call to schedule an appointment with our inspection team made up of experienced designers.

2. Property Visitation

The designers visit your property for an on-site inspection to determine what’s best for your unique property.

3. Plan Preparation

We will draw up a professional plan for your home staging. Our plan is tailored to suit not just your budget, but it is guaranteed to appeal to you and potential buyers.

4. Approval

We understand the importance of carrying our clients along. Hence, we take the time to explain the prepared plan in a language you can understand. If the plan meets your expectation (it often does), we will proceed to the next stage. If for any reason it doesn't, we will revise accordingly.

5. Set-up Staging Date

We will agree on a date to begin your home staging. The date is promised to be convenient for you.

6. Stage

The home staging proper begins and is concluded without delay.

7. After, Your Property is Sold

As per the records, GR Homes the best home staging that faster sale of your property in GTA.


Why Staging a Home Is Important?

No home buyer would want to put their money into a property that is unusable from any angle. Every home buyer wants beauty and comfort in one package. They prefer to choose a property with everything intact because it gives them a sense of what it will be like to live there.

Staging can increase the value of a home

This is exactly where a home stager company comes in. It aims to prepare your property for those who are interested. Home staging directly affects several points.

  • Painted, attractive walls
  • Newly laid floors
  • Bright rooms with perfectly coordinated lighting
  • Modern and timeless furnishings

By paying attention to the above, you address many interested parties directly.

When staging a home, it's important to note that the focal points (such as the walls, floors, and interior) are also set up in the best way possible. The home stager makes everything in a property appealing before putting it up for sale.

Staged Homes Sell Faster

Several conditions play a role in encouraging a prospective customer who visits to buy. Thus, a good home stager company is wary of too much personalization, which also deters some interested parties.

Home staging originally came from the USA through the mother of home staging, Barbara Schwarz. It has been around since the 1980s. In the meantime, home staging has also arrived in Toronto & GTA.

The idea behind this is to improve the chances of selling your property by temporarily furnishing it.


What our customers in Toronto talk about us

Frank from Durham
Frank from Durham

Great conception, planning, and execution. After getting thorough and well-founded instructions, Lin and his team came up with a well-thought-out plan and worked on the project on their own until it was accepted. The team well exceeded our expectations during the entire project. They are polite and open to clear communication. I am pleased with their competent delivery. Thanks a lot for your kind collaboration!

Bryan, a resident of the Peel Region
Bryan, a resident of the Peel Region

Impressive and excellent execution and service! GR Home Staging's powerful designs usually aroused my emotions. Tom has staged two of my flats, and we are already talking about the next set of properties. Beautiful outcomes and clear advice. I recommend his services.

Jim, a resident of the Peel Region
Jim, a resident of the Peel Region

I'm thankful that Ada Lin's professionalism, knowledge, and friendliness helped me get over my worries and fears. I would have had the creativity and courage to achieve many things with him. My condo sold for a fantastic sum. I highly recommend Lin's services.

Lucky, from the GTA
Lucky, from the GTA

The team from GR Home is a crucial component of my real estate business. You guys can essentially give properties a new life, and you are skilled at bringing a house's potential to life. GR Home are known for their dependability, honesty, and inventiveness with care, always for the benefit of the project. GR Home Staging should be your first pick if you need a stager company.


Our older, inherited home, built in the 1990s, was expertly planned by the GR Home stager company. We now have a contemporary home fit for a growing family. The guidance, organization, dependability, and quality were excellent. We have therefore set a far higher purchase price than originally expected. We received an excellent response from hundreds of interested buyers on the first day. All thanks to your lovely virtual staging of the property. The responses from interested parties were uniformly positive. We sold the house for a lot more money than was initially proposed. The interested parties have placed higher bids than one another, and the highest bidder got it. Thank you very much. 

Steph from Toronto
Steph from Toronto

We have already used GR Home staging several times, and each time we do, we are pleased with James's work. He genuinely cares about making residences sparkle in all their fresh brilliance.

Clara, a resident of the York region
Clara, a resident of the York region

As a real estate broker in the York region, we've hired GR Home over six times to stage our properties. Bernie's team left us in awe of their professionalism. The planning is flawless. The service is great, from the detailed idea proposal to the reliable execution to the quiet removal of the furniture. We recommend GR Home for many reasons, including the fact that they pay close attention to details and understand that customers sometimes have hard-to-meet needs. Our instructions have been carried out perfectly, practically, and sensitively. We appreciate you, GR Home, and we enthusiastically and unequivocally recommend your services. Regards, and I hope to work with you on many more collaborations!

Austin and Cynthia family
Austin and Cynthia family

With Ada Lin's help, we sped up the sale of our large Toronto single-family home. The collaboration was swift, simple, and result-oriented. Thank you so much to Ada Lin and the GR Home Staging crew.

Nancy, a resident of the Peel Region
Nancy, a resident of the Peel Region

Ada Lin manages our real estate staging projects. His decorations are a wonderful fit for our brand and fully match our briefing. Ada Lin comes with a variety of decorative items from GR Home, so we have the leeway to experiment with various looks. Even short-term plans were adopted on the spur of the moment. I would continue to collaborate with Ada.

Brenda, Toronto
Brenda, Toronto

Lin spends a lot of time learning about your ideas, your preferred approaches, and the things you would ‌like to alter about your facility. The Lin team does a great job of showing different options and sharing their home staging knowledge. The gradual development of an overarching theme has always made me feel in expert hands. Lin helped me through the whole process and helped me choose the right furniture and fabric. To ensure that no detail was missed, the color tone of the living room wall was also taken into consideration multiple times. I highly recommend Lin from GR Home.

John and Tina, residents of Durham
John and Tina, residents of Durham

We have successfully staged many projects with the help of GR Home. Ada Lin adds a gentle touch to the property with his skill and imagination, bringing out the breathtaking views and letting the house itself shine. Ada has a friendly and wonderful attitude besides being a great home stager. She is usually a lot of fun to work with. Ada, thank you.


What is home staging?

When looking for a house or an apartment, you probably pay the most attention to aesthetics, which cover more of what the eye can see. Of course, you will read the descriptions and weigh whether the purchase price is affordable for you. But in most cases, the first visual impression determines whether you want to see more of the property or not. This is the same case with potential buyers. They are attentive to details and would love to see the beauty of what they are investing in. Buyers don't want to see bare rooms that are unappealing to live in. Home staging allows you to adorn your property with modern furniture, which makes it easier for potential buyers to appreciate.

What is the work of a home stager like?

The home stager works differently depending on whether the property is occupied. With inhabited houses or apartments, it suffices to give the owners a few tips. Most of the time, the objects are too crowded and overwhelm the owners. After a few simple steps, the house or apartment looks visually appealing.

The focus of home staging is always depersonalization, i.e., clearing out the pieces of furniture that do not belong in the place where they are currently located. A neutral spatial structure is a basis for a successful sale. A neutrally decorated room allows interested parties to mentally set up their new home right away.

You can compare home staging with subtle make-up. The home stager sets highlights, arranges individual pieces of furniture, and focuses on certain decorative objects.

History of home staging

Barb Schwarz is the inventor of home staging and has worked as a real estate agent for a long time. She came up to furnish and redesign properties to promote sales. After a short time, she noticed how staged houses sold much faster. So she started her home staging business and has been successful with it ever since. Her top tips are:

  • Completely clean and sanitize everything on the property.
  • Clean up the chaotic corners.
  • Paint the walls and facade in matching colors.
  • Rearrange furniture and decorate neutrally.
  • Repair objects and get rid of damaged areas (floor, plaster).
Types of home staging services

The enhancement of the property is the primary goal of all home staging services. That much is true. There are four major categories of advantages. The staging of the campaign comes first.

Action Staging - inhabited real estate staging

Often referred to as "inhabited real estate staging," this type includes consultation on furniture, a new design for the item with colors and creative ideas, as well as photographic documentation. As the name implies, inhabited real estate staging implies that the house is still occupied.

Traditional home staging - uninhabited real estate staging

In contrast to action staging, the classic form is uninhabited real estate staging. The property can be changed using a wider variety of concepts, and furniture can be set with the proper decorating.

Model apartments - show flats

The property developer normally provides this type of service. They set up their model apartment to bring it to the market. Home stagers can help and offer to stage the apartment for a specific target group.

The ready-made model apartment can then be shown during viewings to get people interested in the other apartments and make the whole thing make sense.

Home and business styling

Home styling are about giving private rooms or offices a modern look. Home stagers act as furnishing consultants according to the personal ideas of the client. The home stager can either visually enhance the space or completely refurbish it.

By the way, home staging increases the overall feel-good atmosphere but is not aimed at eliminating defects or ‌renovating them.

Will Virtual Staging Grow More Popular?

The home stager uses special software, and floor plans to create a digital model of the rooms. This is becoming more and more popular at the moment.

With virtual home staging, the home stager makes more far-reaching changes to the floor plan and the division of the room compared to the classic method. We mostly used virtual home staging in the run-up to a new building. Thanks to modern technology, the interested party can imagine exactly what the object could look like later.

In this way, potential buyers get a good impression of how they can furnish the house or apartment later and get a more detailed idea of how it feels to live in it.

Why Staging a Home Is So Important?

First, the total selling time is reduced. This is great news for you as a seller who makes turnover and good gains in little or no time. Home staging also simplifies the purchase decision for prospective customers. The buyer recognizes the property's potential during the first viewing. It immediately triggers positive emotions in the buyer. This can reduce selling time by up to 50%.

As a seller, this gives you a much better chance of getting a higher selling price. This can even be up to 15% above the planned amount.

Another benefit of home staging is that the property sale itself is less complicated. The home stager does the work for you. The property arouses a great deal of interest and emotion in the buyer simply through the appealing pictures in the advertisement.

What does home staging do?

As already mentioned, home staging is about staging the right furniture in the best possible way.

Therefore, different light sources are placed on the property to get a perfect picture afterward.

There are several ways to make a room appealing in home staging. For example, the home stager can make a dark room brighter. Here, you use the natural light that comes from the window and can also work with light wall paint. If the room is paneled with dark wood, consider painting the area with brightly colored paint. White and yellow in combination make a room shine, for example. Colors should be used with care. Because not every color nuance meets the taste of many interested parties.

Attractive anthracite also goes with almost every piece of furniture. The primary rule is to pay attention to colors that go well together and to avoid mixing anything that looks bad.

The retro touch

Another possibility is to decorate the room with a retro flair. For example, the home stager uses bright colors and combines them with trendy modernity.

Make it a little less than too much.

If a room looks too crowded, many prospective buyers will simply walk away. It doesn't have to be. Therefore, the basic principle of "less is more" applies. An armchair that is optically rounded off with a cozy blanket or a few pillows on a bed, and the comfortable corner in the bedroom is stylishly furnished. Of course, the floor, the carpet, and the wall color must always match the respective piece of furniture.

Avoid large and bulky interiors.

Large, chunky, solid wood furniture overwhelms everyone who enters the room. They take away the potential customer's creative scope and leave him cramped. Therefore, choose discreet, rather small furniture for the right interior design.

They should allow the buyer to breathe and offer plenty of space for free development.

Where can I find the right home stager?

It is important to find a reputable provider. Therefore, get to know the stager company in advance and inspect their past jobs and records. Make sure the photos are real. Dubious providers put fake pictures or stock photos on the internet!

In addition, a professional home stager can tell you exactly when the respective property was staged and how much it cost. He can also tell you how long it took for the property to be sold. If they can't do all that or give you a bad gut feeling, then know that there might be something fishy. At GR Homes, you have the advantage of working with a competent staging company that offers professional home staging and virtual staging. We are also found throughout Toronto & GTA and can therefore offer you our services flexibly.